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TrainTown, evolving since 1958...


since 1968

TrainTown, evolving since 1958, was founded by Stanley L. Frank of Oakland, CA. Mr. Frank was an Oakland printing magnate, adamant table-top model builder, and M.B.A. Harvard University graduate.


Mr. Frank once stated: "TrainTown can best be thought of as a 10-acre elaborate table top railroad, which is outdoors and rideable; where sense of direction is lost, and best appreciated by the under sophisticated and over sophisticated." Mr. Frank's statement proved to be spot-on as garden-estate railway enthusiasts from around the world as well as the family multitudes have been riding TrainTown since 1968.


Mr. Frank's technical and modeling genius included a deep knowledge of scenery compressing, Japanese landscaping techniques, which makes TrainTown seem much larger than it's 10-acre utopian area. Sadly, Mr. Frank died suddenly of a ruptured heart aneurysm in 1977 at age 62. Gladly, his heart and vision live on thanks to his dedicated followers and family members.


After 60 years of careful evolution, by plowing back all proceeds into its upkeep and development, TrainTown is one of the finest garden-estate railways in the world.

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