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All Aboard for Fun and Adventure!

20-Minute Train Trip | $9.75 per person, per ride

12 months+ requires a ticket

For over 50 years, Sonoma TrainTown Railroad has been providing visitors with an unforgettable train experience. Our quarter-scale train trip has been a favorite amongst visitors, taking them on a 20 minute journey through tunnels, over bridges and making a stop at Lakeview, an immersive miniature town, and petting zoo. Our train rides are also designed to be handicap accessible, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the excitement!


Amusement Rides | $3.95 per ticket or 5 coupons for $17.75

One ticket per person, per ride - all riders require a ticket, including babies of all ages and adults accompanying their children

Sonoma TrainTown Railroad is the perfect destination for train enthusiasts of all ages. Our amusement rides are railroad-themed, painted in vibrant railroad colors and fitted with train attire. Whether you're looking for a nostalgic trip down memory lane or a fun day out with your family and friends, we have something for everyone!

Additional Information

  • Tickets never expire! So long as the tickets aren't ripped or hole-punched, they are valid 

  • There are no refunds or exchanges on tickets

  • TrainTown is not responsible for lost tickets

  • Amusement ride tickets are not valid for train trips

  • Amusement ride operators may be running more than one ride. Hang loose and enjoy the beautiful scenery and fun tunes!

  • Tickets prices are subject to change without notice

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